B E   B O U N D L E S S

We’re always pushing to be stronger, faster, better — to go harder. We try to turn that drive into data, but how do we put a number on something as inexhaustible as our own potential?

WattRunner isn’t just a tool that measures the steps you take or the calories you burn. It’s a blending of fitness and data in which technology adapts to you so you can move smarter and become stronger.

It’s intelligence for the long run.



Every time you go for a run, you get feedback from your phone or wearable. Your devices can tell you how many miles you ran, how many calories you burned. But they can’t put that information into a format that makes sense, that’s easy to use when reaching new goals.

Every training session is different. Even if you run three miles every day at the exact same pace, if one run is on an incline and the other isn’t, the two runs are totally different. If you’re slogging through snow versus comfortably on even concrete, it affects your intensity.

That’s why WattRunner was developed. It puts all of your workouts on the same level playing field for easier comparison, analysis, and goal setting. It’s the only app that can take all the data your phone or wearable is already collecting, factor in other important variables like elevation data, and generate one number for your workout intensity.


WattRunner is more than just distance and calories. It’s the only app out there that takes your data and gives you a more dimensional look at each workout by including information like weather, elevation, and terrain.

Your smartphone or wearable device tracks your activity.

Elevation, weather, and other variables are recorded by the GPS and accelerometer in your phone.

The data is securely uploaded to the WattRunner app on your phone.

WattRunner calculates your workout intensity.


Compare and analyze all your workout data over time to make sure you’re reaching your goals.


Create a custom training plan or select a goal and build a plan from our database.


Log in with your social media accounts and share your progress or challenge your friends.

N O W   A V A I L A B L E

O N  T H E  A P P   S T O R E

WattRunner is a revolutionary way of looking at training. It doesn’t just provide you with more information than ever before; it provides you with the most useful data. It empowers your training and propels you towards your goals, no matter what they are. It’s the most personalized, most focused, and most precise way to train.

WattRunner isn’t one tool. It’s the whole toolbox.


WattRunner started out as an idea shared by a few passionate individuals. An idea to change fitness data so it didn’t cage and constrain runners, but instead set them free to passionately chase down their goals. We wanted to bring an entirely new dimension to training.

It was an idea so revolutionary, it launched our team into first place for the inaugural St. Louis Startup Weekend HEALTHbio in 2015.

It was the idea that built the WattRunner you see here. And just like you, it’s always improving, getting smarter and stronger every day.